Sale price of Vincity Grand Park apartment

Sale price of Vincity Grand Park apartment

When there is information on the launch of the Vincity Grand Park apartment project in the market, there are many people interested in them curious about the price, area, policy of selling apartments and the reasons for buying apartments. Vincity Grand Park The following article will answer a part of your questions.

Sale price of Vincity Grand Park apartment

Vincity Grand Park apartments range from 1 to 3 bedrooms. With the expected price from the investor:

One-bedroom apartment with an area of ​​36 -45 m2 with price from 700 million / unit

Two-bedroom apartment with an area of ​​55 – 65 m2 with selling price from 900 million / unit

Three-bedroom apartment area 80 – 90 m2 with the price from 1.5 million / unit

Selling price of Vincity Grand Park is only 700 million VND / unit, which is very good for buyers at present, suitable for people living and working in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh. Buyers only need 200 million of the original capital can own a dream apartment, the rest will pay in phases of breakdown to help buyers to arrange financial arrangements.

Sale price of Vincity Grand Park apartment


The owner of the project is owned by Vingroup Group with real estate brand trusted by customers, is the largest economic group in Vietnam.

The location is very convenient transportation system with all roads: road – railway – waterway full of potential lactation

With an area of ​​up to 365 hectares, the investor has developed into a modern urban area with all necessary utilities.

The price of Vincity Grand Park apartment is very good for the majority of people living and working. Ho Chi Minh City is only 700 million / unit

Vincity Grand Park apartment sales policy flexible with a variety of attractive policies to give you more options for yourself.

Bank loan support up to 70% with the lowest interest rate

The value of Vinicty Grand Park increased sharply in the following years

Sale price of Vincity Grand Park apartment


Project Name: Vincity Grand Park

Investor: Vingroup

Area: 365 ha.

Construction density: 20% – 25%

Legal: Pink Book

Long-term ownership of the Vietnamese

50 years for foreigners

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